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Stronger Together: Technologies to Optimize your Workforce

As we bring together today’s best technologies for nurse and staff scheduling, engagement, and capacity management, our top priority is ensuring you continue to get the service and features you have come to expect.

Engage Your Staff
Improve Care Outcomes
Drive Efficiency

“Let’s solve healthcare’s biggest problems together.”

HealthStream was founded on the philosophy that every patient deserves the best possible workforce. Improving scheduling efficiency and capacity management is a key part of that, and we are committed to ensuring our customers experience the performance and service they have come to expect and appreciate from each of these products.

Leading Workforce Solutions to Support the People Who Deliver Care

ANSOS™ Staff Scheduling
An enterprise productivity management solution, ANSOS lets healthcare providers anticipate workload requirements, meet staffing variations in real time, and balance clinical needs with staff’s professional goals.
As the #1 rated app for nurses, NurseGrid lets nurses manage and share schedules, swap shifts, see who they are working with, and connect with their colleagues.
As the category leader in "2020 Best in KLAS Software & Services" report, ShiftWizard helps healthcare organizations maximize staff availability, minimize cost, and properly match caregivers to patient needs.
The Keener self care app helps nurses feel more resilient, supported, growth-minded, and connected with one another so they can manage their emotional well-being and avoid career burnout.
Enterprise Visibility
By providing real-time patient status, Enterprise Visibility helps healthcare providers ensure an efficient, effective and safe patient journey from admission to discharge by reducing delays, bottlenecks, and variances in patient care.
Capacity Planner
Capacity Planner is a predictive analytics tool that allows hospitals to accurately forecast daily patient demand, maximize capacity, improve resource alignment, and provide safe care—even during periods of unexpected demand.

Working Together to Support Next Level Growth and Innovation

Our solutions serve hundreds of healthcare organizations and hundreds of thousands of nurses, providing mission critical resources that power your workforce and streamline operations. We will continue to invest in and build on these best-in-class solutions. We believe our collective healthcare workforce expertise and collaborative approach can improve all aspects of your staff’s experience and patient care while reducing costs.

Most of all, our goal is make sure we support you and meet your needs today as we build towards the future.

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You can learn more about our approach and shared commitment to supporting our customers below. If you have other questions, please reach out to your current customer service team.
What does HealthStream plan to do with these products?

Our recent acquisitions of ANSOS, Enterprise Visibility, Capacity Planner, ShiftWizard, and NurseGrid, along with the development of new products such as Keener, are the foundation of HealthStream’s new suite of workforce scheduling, engagement and capacity management solutions.

We plan on building upon their market-leading positions to continue to bring best-in-class nurse & staff scheduling and capacity management solutions to the healthcare organizations we serve.

Our long-term vision is to build a better, more efficient workforce experience through a holistic solution that encompasses scheduling, staff wellness and engagement, the patient journey, and actionable data and insights to optimize resources.

How will my organization benefit from these acquisitions and the creation of a new suite of products?

Healthcare organizations of all sizes can look forward to managing labor costs more effectively, identifying new and innovative ways to tackle the complexity of scheduling, care delivery and patient experience by having the right staff serving the right patients from admission to discharge. Additionally, these tools will help greatly improve communication and engagement throughout your organization.

The results are proven. Both ShiftWizard and ANSOS have recently been named Best in KLAS for nurse and staff scheduling. This, along with NurseGrid’s #1 rated app for nurses gives healthcare providers one leading resource to turn to for nurse and staff scheduling and engagement.

Tools like Enterprise Visibility and Capacity Planner enable healthcare providers to accurately forecast daily patient demand, improve patient flow, maximize capacity, improve resource alignment, and deliver exceptionally safe care and outcomes.

Will we have the same capabilities, functionalities, and experiences that we currently have?

Yes. As we bring ANSOS, Enterprise Visibility, Capacity Planner, ShiftWizard, and NurseGrid together as part of one company, we’ll remain vigilant in delivering the same level of performance, service, and support you expect from our products.

We’re mobilizing additional resources and fully empowering our service, training, and support teams to anticipate and respond to the needs of all customers and ensure continued high levels of customer satisfaction.

What changes or improvements can we expect?

We’ve begun investing in resources to better support all of our customers’ needs, building out additional technology infrastructure and teams to support the next level of growth and innovation.

What’s the timeline for changes and improvements planned for the new suite?

Over the next few months we’ll be exploring ways to ensure that you get the very best that each of these products has to offer. We look forward to sharing more about these plans in the spring of 2021.

Throughout the process, we’ll keep you informed about ongoing updates and enhancements to current products.

What level of performance and service continuity and support can we expect during the interim period?

We expect it to be business as usual.

As we bring ANSOS, Enterprise Visibility, Capacity Planner, ShiftWizard, and NurseGrid together as part of one company, we’re committed to ensuring that all customers experience the performance and service you’ve come to expect and appreciate from each of these products.

Will I still be working with the same people?
Yes. It’ll be business as usual for all our customers. You can expect to continue to work with your current ANSOS, Enterprise Visibility, Capacity Planner, ShiftWizard, and NurseGrid teams. You’ll notice, too, we’re deploying additional team depth and expertise to enhance the experience with current products. If you’re new to HealthStream or any of these products and/or don’t have an assigned sales or service representative, contact us and we’ll get you connected with one of our sales, customer success, or implementation representatives.
Will our pricing or contracts increase or change as a result of these acquisitions?

As we bring together our organizations and technologies, we will honor all contracts and pricing per the terms and conditions of the agreements.

Will user and customer input continue to be part of product development and support?

Yes. Each of our products—created exclusively for healthcare workers and organizations— come from cultures of collaboration and customer input, and we plan to continue to collaborate with our customers and users to build the best products.

As we move forward, we’ll look to customer advisory boards from ANSOS, Enterprise Visibility, Capacity Planner, NurseGrid, ShiftWizard, and Keener to exchange ideas and feedback to improve user experiences.

What if I have questions about these acquisitions and HealthStream's plans?
We welcome your questions, feedback and suggestions as we bring our organizations together. We encourage you to speak to your ANSOS, Enterprise Visibility, Capacity Planner, NurseGrid, ShiftWizard or HealthStream representative or connect with us to learn more, get questions answered, or share your thoughts.
Why should I keep my account with NurseGrid, ShiftWizard, ANSOS, Enterprise Visibility, or Capacity Planner?

As a leader in healthcare workforce development, we at HealthStream work with thousands of healthcare organizations and have a strong track record of strengthening acquired products for customers and users.

We’re proud of the value that HealthStream customers derive from our current solutions, and are eager to deliver the same value to our new scheduling, engagement, and capacity management solutions customers.

As we bring this suite of products together and roll out planned enhancements, we’re committed to ensuring you experience the performance and service you’ve come to expect.

Why has HealthStream made these acquisitions?

With the addition of this new suite of scheduling and capacity management solutions, we’re better positioned to offer healthcare providers a more comprehensive portfolio of workforce solutions.

In early 2020, we acquired NurseGrid (the #1 rated scheduling app for nurses) and grew further with the acquisition of ShiftWizard (the leading nurse and staff scheduling solution for mid-size hospitals) last month. The complementary acquisition of ANSOS Staff Scheduling establishes us as a leading provider of nurse and staff scheduling. The addition of Capacity Planner and Enterprise Visibility products creates a powerful solution suite for aligning staff and scheduling based on patient acuity, predicting patient demand, and maximizing resources for optimal outcomes.

Our new suite of workforce experience solutions complements the support and excellence we deliver in clinical development, learning and performance, compliance, and credentialing.

What can I expect from HealthStream?

Building upon our strong track record of strengthening acquired products for customers and users, we will strive to continue to earn your trust during this transition period. Our goal is always to add value to your organization as we grow our relationship.


Focused on the People Providing Healthcare

We believe developing healthcare organizations’ people is one the most impactful ways to improve patient outcomes. HealthStream works side-by-side with thousands of healthcare organizations who rely on our solutions to ensure their people are competent, confident and credentialed, ready to execute at the highest level. Each solution we offer is in service to our ultimate goal — ensuring every patient receives the best possible workforce.